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Foscam fi9803P review ( Must-read) – Best outdoor hd 720p wireless camera

The foscam fi9803p with mounting

Are you looking for good quality surveillance camera with reliable cost, you are on the right page. Foscam fi9803p gives you the better quality at reliable cost.

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Foscam fi9803p outdoor HD 720p wireless camera, a reliable solution for low cost and low maintenance surveillance camera in a situation where security has become a high priority in today’s lifestyle.

Foscam fi9803p pros and cons – suitable for 1BHK Home and small shops

Best Fit: Outdoor

considering the rating factors of safewiki, we have analyzed it based on industry standards.

The foscam fi9803p has the 70-degree viewing angle with up to 65 feet viewing range which gives the best surveillance for your garage, living space. The fi9803p claims the ip66 proofing for the weather conditions, The fi9803p supports 2 way audio with remote view and high-quality video 720 pixels and night vision facility. But the only drawback with fi9803p is, it has no pan and no tilt, meanwhile foscam claims the h.264 video compression which is lagging factor which produces glitches in the video.See more about Foscam fi9803p camera

Foscam fi9803p Main benefit

  • The Fi9803p consists a feature of avoiding the false alarms and false alerts, which means whenever the alerts are set for motion detection the system will not trigger alerts for false objects. Example when the plants are swaying or when a bird passes through the coverage area the system will not trigger alerts and push notifications.
  • Fi9803p consists of IR cut filter which means the camera only receive the visible light has an input and filters all the IR radiations or wavelengths from the environment, which improves the video quality. See more features of Foscam fi9803p camera.

Foscam fi9803p practical details

  • Plug and Play: This feature really gives an advantage of remote viewing on mobile device with help of QR code,
  • IP66 weatherproof: The feature is best in class for the price paid, because ip66 ensures that fi9803p is dust tight and watertight( which means water won’t enter the camera even if it’s from high-pressure water jets). But when it comes to seasonal change, during winter a small amount of smog get formed which reduces the video quality
  • 2-way audio: The audio quality is not up to the mark as expected, but it is worth the price paid
  • Video quality: fi9803p claims the 720 pixels video quality which works better and best in the price range, the below image is from fi9803p     
  • Night Vision: Fi9803p claims night vision range up to 65 feet from the point of mounting which works fine, but often the insects get surrounded across the light which makes the video quality go down in the night vision mode.the below image is from fi9803p          
  • Storage: Fi9803p has the option of cloud storage, NVR, local hard drive. The local hard drive feature saves a lot of money which is again a reduction in the maintenance cost. The camera uses h.264 compression which compresses the video to smaller size and makes the storage better and easy
  • Zoom: Fi9803p zooming capacity is not up to the standards where the video quality goes down in zooming, it is mentioned with 8x zooming which is a good feature for the price. But the camera comes with the disadvantage of no rotate and no tilt which makes camera still.
  • Wireless: it works well with the wireless network and home wifi.

Final Verdict

Our final words about Foscam fi9803p is, it is the best surveillance camera in the price range but have to commit to the single view with no rotate and no tilt, with good video quality and compression and zooming. The night vision is better and fi9803p suits more for the outdoor since it is IP66 weatherproof, The best part of foscam fi9803p is the IR cut filter and motion detection, Push notifications. It is tested on all browsers for the compatibility and on ios and Andriod. View what others are speaking about Foscam fi9803p camera.


Best Alternatives

The Foscam Fi9900P is the best alternative if you are looking for the better video quality of 1080 pixels and Full HD resolution.Check out more about Foscam fi9900P




Foscam fi9803p


Motion detection


Night Vision


Video quality







  • 70 viewing angle, 65 feet view range
  • 8x zoom and 2 way audio
  • avoids false alarms and false alerts
  • IR cut filter and IP66 waterproof
  • 2 years warranty


  • No pan
  • No tilt
  • video quality is moderate

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