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Best Small security cameras 2017 – Mini security cameras

small security cameras for spy

Are you planning to spy on a person you have a doubt or planning for any sting operation? Well, you need a perfect small security camera with undetectable size for a human eye. Yes! you are in the right place, about to view the best small sized security cameras of 2017 with good features that help in spying others quietly. Here are the top 4 smart small security cameras for 2017.

1. FREDI super small mini hidden camera: top rated small security camera

small security cameras

More suitable for Outdoor sting operation 

Fredi hidden camera comes with 32GB SD memory which can record the video as well as take the pictures at the same time. The main feature of mini spy cameras is the battery quality.  And Fredi commits with 1800mah battery, also the charging and recording can be simultaneous which ensures everything records and the user can do video recording for 7 hours without any interruption. The Fredi small security camera can record both audio and video with the 720p video quality.

Special features:

Fredi has its own mobile application through which live videos can be recorded when it connects to wi-fi and live feed videos are available. Fredi consists the feature of motion detection and it sends a push notification to your mobile for active motion detection. One more feature in Fredi it comes with loop recording which deletes the old files and replaces the new files when the memory is full. Check out what others talk about on amazon


Fredi does not support the IR night vision, instead, it can capture videos in the dark space with night vision range of 10 ft to 15ft. As the distance increases clarity in dark decreases.Check out more features on amazon.

2. Conbrov T16 portable small security cameras.

Small security cameras

More suitable for Indoor and Office.

Conbrov T16 comes with 32GB memory capacity and it can record both videos and take photos simultaneously. The video quality in Conbrov T16 is 720P which ensures better quality. In Conbrov T16 small security camera charging and recording can be done simultaneously so that user don’t want to worry about running out of battery life, it includes an internal battery. It supports the loop recording which ensures that updated files are present in the memory card.

Special Features:

Conbrov has a feature of Sound activated recording, which means the camera will start to record the video when sound above 60DB is present. It supports night vision with the distance range of 10ft-15ft and IR Night vision is not included in this model. It includes the motion detection feature, Check out more on amazon.


Conbrov does not support the Live feed video feature and it doesn’t consist the IR night vision.Check what other people comment on amazon for this product.

3. EOVAS Wall Charger camera: Unpredictable small security cameras

small security cameras

More suitable for indoor in home and office

Eovas comes with 32GB internal memory and no memory device is required and it also supports the loop recording which overwrites the old files with new files. The Eovas small security camera comes with the 1080P video resolution which ensures the best video quality for the price paid. The Eovas spy camera supports the motion detection feature which needs some settings.

Special features

The 32GB internal memory is the best feature which enables the loop recording and ensures the latest videos are recorded without additional cost to be invested in the memory device.The Eovas spy camera has the 75-degree viewing angle with best coverage area. View more on amazon


The Eovas wall charger camera does not consist of the internal battery and it always requires to connect to power plug source for the camera to record videos. It does not have the night vision feature also. see the live video on amazon.

4. Conbrov  T10 photo frame hidden spy camera

small security cameras

Most suitable for home and office

The Conbrov T10 comes with the external memory of 32GB and supports the loop recording. T10 supports the 720p video resolution and the video quality is better. It has a built-in battery with 10000mah capacity and video recording duration extends to 30 hours on full charge.

Special Features:

The Conbrov T10 spy camera consist of the advanced no light night vision with black led not detectable in the dark place and the night vision range is 15ft-25ft. It even consists the mute recording and PIR motion live video here


The Conbrov T10 does not come with the IR night vision feature and no live feed videos available. See whom people spy on with conbrov


All right! As per my research, the above-mentioned spy cameras are the best fit to spy on any person in any situation. If you know any other please leave a comment below so it helps further.

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